Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Not Competitive Settings?

Having played Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox for over a year now, I have become, if I do say so myself, very good.

Now, I understand that this IS a game and, as such, should do its best to deliver good, clean fun. It has done that well, thanks to Valve, and the pacing is incomparable to any other multiplayer FPS in existence.

But as I get better and better, the more and more I am spotting a hole in the game: it does not translate smoothly into a competitive fashion.

Especially for the clans, poor guys. They could use an Xbox LIVE way of organizing things. Of course, they have made other outlets for our clans that are fantastic, such as this site, but surely being able to join a game as a group would be better for them.

Anyway, the main problem arises in the gameplay. Unless you hack/cheat/mod, there is no way to set up a fair, competitive, skill-based game, which I am desiring more daily. This is very different than the PC version, where all of the clans change settings to make the game more competitive.

It isn't unfair glitching, its just common sense, and I wish that XBox players could have the option to change the game to "competitive mode" or some stupid name like that. What would competitive mode entail? It would be something like this:

-No random critical hits
-Static damage (instead of dynamic)
-The ability to set class caps
-Friendly fire (turn on or off)
-Vote Kicking

Basically, a lot of little tweaks that would change the game drastically. Since the update has taken so long anyway, I don't see why Valve shouldn't take another day or two and write coding for this gaming option.

I know it would mean a lot to me to filter out the silent players in the community and search for a game that almost certainly would have better teamwork and a more serious perspective. And for clans, this would make all the difference in the world.


Matheus said...

Definitely agree!

Sarone T C (Pro 2Fort PYRO) said...

As the expression goes; "There's no skill in a critical!"

Thomas Klyte said...

Dude your like a god! Keep posting! Spread the word about us xbox gamers! rofl.

xXxRobxXx said...

lmao dude tf2 would be hell with ff on, trust me

Neal Kenneth said...

Friendly fire would only be turned on to make Spys a bit better in competitive play. This would probably only be used with clans with the obvious ease of griefing.

Barry White CC said...

I agree with everything except friendly fire. But like you said it would be optional so i don't mind it that way. All for this.