Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spah Sappin' Mah Poll!

I glance away for a moment and, out of the corner of my eye, I spot movement. A puff of smoke, perhaps a blur of color. I look directly at it quickly and nothing is there.

I scroll up the page and check on the poll. Which class is the reader favorite? I see the results, gasp, and immediately know that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Poll Results
Spy- 64 votes (31%)
Medic- 23 votes (11%)
Scout- 22 votes (10%)
Pyro- 21 votes (10%)
Soldier- 19 votes (9 %)
Sniper- 17 votes (8%)
Engineer- 16 votes (7%)
Demoman- 14 votes (6%)
Heavy- 9 votes (4%)

This should be a close one! Why wasn't there a nine-way tie? And why in the world is the Medic, whose job was referred to by as "joyless service," in second place? Isn't it supposed to be boring to play Medic? Apparently not.

Still, this oddity pales in comparison to the strangest thing of all: the Spy managed to take the victory with 41 votes and 20% over the nearest competitor. Why is this odd? Because most of the other classes did not receive half of that number of votes and most didn't reach that much percent.

This poll has been messed around with, and I am sure the Spy has something to do with it. Wait, what's that behind me?



Anonymous said...

That pyro isn't doing his job then

Anonymous said...

Then that Pryo's probably a Spy.

Anonymous said...

Don't anybody rat on the TF2 medic. Although I didn't vote for him, he is one of the best versions of a medic class in any game. Normally they aren't even included in class based games anymore because there is a stereotype that the medic has the worst gameplay. What TF2 did with the medic class is inspired and leagues ahead of any other version. Not to mention that with his ubercharge he can be exiting as hell to play.--Fallen Greatly