Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little Something to Nibble On

Not too long ago, I saw that I was nearing my 666th post on the Forums. I needed to do something really awful, but inspiration didn't strike me until I remembered Valve's promise to us. The one about "news by the New Year."

I assaulted the Team Fortress 2 PC forums with this little ditty, entitled This Is Your Last Chance, Valve.


"If you don't mention something about the Xbox 360 update (even its cancellation) by the end of the year, it's over.

I mean it this time, I will really break up with you. Good luck finding another person that loved you as much as I did.

This is your final warning,

Neal Kenneth


The PC community could not have responded in a better way. I expected trolling to some extent, but the result was too beautiful for words.

When things started to cool off, as all things do at some point, I decided to reveal to them that I was awarding +rep to the best responses. Thus, the "niceties" continued for some time. Here are some of the best.


Lord Vader: You will be missed, and then there will be cake.

Slayer479: Hope left you a long time ago lad. She's with me now.

Valve Employee #1: Did we make a game for the Xbox other than L4D/L4D2/

Valve Employee #2: Don't think so...

NoRegrets: Watch out, you guys, he has a blogspot account and isn't afraid to use it!

Richiek13: Failbox 360 is fail anyway.

Deep within the bowels of Valve, Gabe Newell laughs hard for a few seconds, and then begins to wheeze uncontrollably.

and so on...

After the WAR! Update reached its conclusion, I saw that the updates to the PC version are mostly irrevocable, so I changed my mind with a concise REVISION.

I have some surprising news, readers. Very soon, I will own a computer capable of running any of Valve's games. I have little desire of switching from Xbox, but this could revolutionize my posting abilities.

As such, I am somewhat changing my original plan, pushing it back a couple weeks. Stay tuned!


Steve said...

You're insane.

dandare4444 said...

Don't give up the good fight yet!! A small part of me still thinks they might cook something u for us Xbox loyalists.

Anonymous said...

I will just about pay anything at this point.

Andy said...

hey, just found your blog.. great work! i play tf2 on 360 juuust about every night. still so much fun and glad to see that someone is out there fighting for our rights. or something. viva la revolucion!

Thomas Klyte said...

Just got a new computer myself!

Don't give up your our last hope.


Thomas Klyte said...

I just got a new computer myself!

Don't give up! Your our last hope!


Pete said...

With or without an update, Team Fortress 2 is till an insanely awesome game. The main reason I play it is on XBox is because I really don't want to spend $600 on a PC, as I already own a Mac.

I hope that Valve gives us a word on what is going on. I've emailed them 3 times already, no response from any.

Maybe they will do a rerelease on Xbox Live Arcade like Portal? I wouldn't mind that.

Anonymous said...

I will eventually get a computer, probably sooner than later, but i still enjoy the 360 one because I have more friends, cheating/glitches are not as rampant (unless it's class modifiers) and I've grown accustomed to the controller interface. In fact, most of my friends on my FL who have tf2 on the comp still regularly play on the xbox.

Aubrey said...

Help us Neal Kenneth, your our only hope.
Love the blog, I'm a big fan.