Thursday, May 28, 2009

Experiencing Side Effects

Just a short time ago I went to to ask for assistance in the plight of the Xbox 360 player of Team Fortress 2. I was hesitant, to understate things, because PC gamers have what I thought was a well warranted reputation for being elitist snobs when it comes to their favorite things.

"Stubborn to budge or be helpful in everything except the advancement of their own agenda," was my definition of the average PC gamer. I did not come to this conclusion by the guidance of others; it was formed in my own mind following various experiences with their kind.

A separate species I considered us two, like the monkey and the man. Similar in shape, but different in mannerisms. The console gamer was much more thoughtful, much more tolerant, it seemed. I expected little help from the PC crowd, save maybe a signature or two.

Instead, do you see what has happened? No less than 200 signatures in less than two days stating that the PC gamer understands, and not only that, is willing to risk the delayed arrival of their next update, for the sake of Valve's focus on the Xbox 360 update until its deliverance.

It is shocking, to be honest, and the waves of shame still rock my body. Never before have I been proven so profoundly wrong at an assumption. I beg your forgiveness, my PC brethren, for my (formerly) hidden bias!

But it doesn't stop there. Unbidden by me, the Xbox players began setting things in motion that were inspired by the message.

Since the posting of my article on, there has been a Facebook group founded to advance the movement, and, believe it or not, a Youtube video has been made that mentions the petition!

Now, the other end of those two links may be misguided and have false information in some parts, but the fact that they exist astounds me. I did not ask for this, it came naturally. It is because of this, the unified forward motion of both groups of gamers, that I feel we are destined to succeed.

How can Valve see these things and not be moved to action?

I assure you that they cannot, and it is because of you that this has happened. What an unprecedented merging of the minds.

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Greenhawk323 said...

So far its been pc people signing the facebook petition. im very surprised by this as i've seen the steam forum.....lets just say its not pretty.

Thank you so much pc people, just the fact you even give a rip about us console people is a great consolation. Keep on signing people, and thank you very much to all those who have so far.